Discovering parenthood is like diving in the big pool for the first time. It is exciting and a bit scary at the same time. And like any new adventure it brings up a lot of questions. You can ask your family and friends, but sometimes you just need someone like you living around the corner to give you that extra lift. And what if you had a whole crew behind you?

We created Mobo because we believe that there isn’t a better support system through this journey of parenthood than other parents around you who have your back.

We hope that you and your parents’ friends will enjoy using Mobo to help each other, and spread the word that we are better together!

Mobo is based in the city of angels: Los Angeles, California and was created in 2018 by a mom of two, wife, friend and entrepreneur with the strong belief that parenthood is the best chapter of our lives, so let’s make it easy and unforgettable!